'Death in Paradise' Season 2 refresher — everything you need to know

Death in Paradise Season 2
DI Richard Poole and DS Camille Bordey returned to crack more crimes in Death in Paradise Season 2. (Image credit: BBC)

Death in Paradise Season 2 began in 2013, with Ben Miller reprising his role as DI Richard Poole who is adapting into role as Saint Marie's new Chief of Police, following the death of DI Charlie Hulme in the first season. 

When we meet him again in Season 2, he's still coming to terms with the tropical climate and gentle vibes of the island, which are far from what he's used to in his old London role.

Picking up where we left off in Death in Paradise Season 1, DI Poole, DS Camille Bordey and the team are tasked with solving the murder of former sugar plantation owner Roger Seymour. He is discovered with a machete in his back and it seems like an impossible case to solve, throwing viewers right back into the deep end!

Here's what you need to know about Death in Paradise Season 2, which is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer (other options are listed below depending on where you are in the world).

What were the murder cases in Death in Paradise Season 2?



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Like its predecessor, Death in Paradise Season 2 didn't hold back when it came to its array of compelling investigations. In this season we saw a young nun who was found dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, which was presumed to be a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette at first. But of course, it's soon revealed that not all is as it seems.

Other cases included an assumed suicide of a newly divorced woman, a treasure hunter shot dead in the jungle and the shocking death of Camille's friend Aimee, who dies in her arms after a suspected poisoning. Following this, DI Poole attempts to comfort Camille, but as expected sensitivity isn't exactly his strong point!

We also continue to see Richard and Camille grow closer throughout the series as despite their obvious differences they are clearly attracted to each other.

Death in Paradise Season 2 guest stars

This season saw British pop icon Jamelia starring as Camille's friend Aimee, as well as Holby City star Amanda Mealing, Hustle's Kelly Adams, Hotel Babylon's Emma Pierson and One Night's Georgina Campbell.