You season 4, episode 2 recap: Joe's in a whodunit

You season 4, episode 2: Joe looking concerned
So much for a quiet European holiday, right Joe? (Image credit: Netflix)

You season 4, episode 2 is a bit of a painful watch, as Joe has to endure a dinner party following a series of text messages which reveals that he didn't kill Malcolm, but the anonymous sender did.

It's now very clear that Joe's hopes for a quiet life in London aren't happening, and his plans to blend in with a new identity have been thwarted. But which one of the dinner guests sent those messages, and who is Malcolm's killer?

Here's what you need to know about You season 4, episode 2.

An uncomfortable dinner party

An invitation that reads "your presence is requested at a night to die for"

(Image credit: Netflix)

At the end of You season 4 episode 1, we saw Joe arriving for dinner after receiving a frosty invitation from Kate, who still can't stand him. Kate mentioned she was inviting him on behalf of Lady Phoebe who really wanted him around, which seems innocent enough.

Unfortunately for Joe, moments before he ascended the steps up to the private dinner, he received a number of messages from an unknown number claiming responsibility for Malcolm. So he didn't murder his colleague... but who did?

As a result of this, an already awkward dinner party became excruciating as Joe spends most of his time scanning the room trying to figure out which one of the people there framed him for Malcolm's murder.

If that wasn't bad enough, he receives a cryptic invite that evokes a British murder mystery, and Joe's clearly not a fan of that as his inner monologue describes a whodunit as "the lowest form of literature". Yikes.

Joe puts on his detective hat

Lady Phoebe and Adam together, with Adam kissing her on the cheek

(Image credit: Netflix)

Not wanting to go down for Malcolm's murder, it's not long before Joe starts investigating those around him, hoping to gain insight into everyone's relationship with Malcolm.

This is where it gets complicated as we realize Malcolm wasn't exactly popular, so the murderer could be just about anyone in that privileged circle of people. Joe isn't well-liked either, especially by Kate who seems to actively hate him. In addition to this, the sender is using an app where messages disappear once they've been read, making it impossible to trace them like traditional messages.

The investigation is a tricky one, but not impossible, and Joe finds out that Lady Pheobe's boyfriend Adam Pratt (Lukas Gage) seems to be the most likely suspect, as Malcolm was blackmailing him, although it's not clear why.

In typical Joe style, he decides following Adam is the best approach, but he doesn't realize that Lady Pheobe’s bodyguard, Vic (Sean Pertwee), was following him too. And it seems that Vic doesn't trust "Jonathan" one bit.

Another one bites the dust

Kate wearing a black outfit, covered in red paint

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Joe is invited to Simon's exhibit, which is hosted at Kate's gallery. While there, Joe spends time discussing Simon’s art, before an angry woman shows up out of nowhere and throws bright red paint everywhere, ruining the exhibit.

When Joe and Kate go to find the woman, she explains that she was Simon's assistant and her name is Blue. Simon stole her artwork and claimed it was his own, so this was her way of getting revenge. Malcolm knew that Simon was a fraud which meant that all signs pointed to Simon being the killer, to shut him up once and for all, especially after Blue revealed that Malcolm was intending to expose the truth.

However, Simon is found dead in his office with a knife through his chest and his ear cut off. So that's a finger that's been removed and now an ear... but who's doing it, and why are they taking body parts?

Joe heads back to the group where they're discussing Simon's death but no one seems that upset by it, with one person joking about his earring being gone and being worth a lot. 

The only one not making comments is Rhys, and Joe deduces he's "different from them".  But is that a good or bad thing?

Interestingly, Joe secretly follows Kate's movements and learns she's helping Blue by paying for her rehab and offering to launch her career after her mistreatment at the hands of Simon, but that seems weirdly out of character for her.

Joe gets busted

Joe surrounded by newspaper clippings

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Considering Joe's string of crimes and the number of people he's annoyed, it's hardly surprising someone's found out he's not actually Professor Jonathan Moore and his name is really Joe Goldberg.

When Joe arrives back at his apartment, he finds printed news articles about everything he's done, including Love’s supposed murder-suicide and Guinevere Beck’s murder from season 1. The episode ends with one final text from the unknown stalker which reads: "Hello, Joe."

Someone's onto him, and Joe's life in London could be ruined just moments after his arrival. But will he be able to track down the culprit before they expose everything about him? And is the stalker linked to Malcolm and Simon's deaths?

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