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Anti-Social | Film review - Flashy low-budget British crime thriller co-starring Meghan Markle

(Image credit: © The Movie Partnership)


Guns, geezers and graffiti are the ingredients of flashy low-budget British crime thriller Anti-Social. Its bolshie protagonists are two scrappy Cockney brothers: one a Banksy-like street artist prankster (Gregg Sulkin) with new fans among the art elite and a fashion model girlfriend (played by Prince Harry's main squeeze Meghan Markle), the other (Josh Myers) the leader of a gang of smash-and-grab jewellery store raiders. Writer-director Reg Traviss gives the shoot-outs plenty of welly, but the dialogue is mostly dire and the action sometimes grinds to a halt for an earnest oration on the politics of graffiti art or postcode gang violence.


Certificate 15. Runtime 113 mins. Director Reg Traviss

Anti-Social debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere at 12.15pm today and is available on DVD from Spirit Entertainment.