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Extortion | Film review - White People in Peril in the Caribbean

Extortion Eion Bailey
(Image credit: No Credit Needed for TV Titles)

Extortion Eion Bailey

An idyllic Caribbean holiday for Eion Bailey’s American heart surgeon’s and his wife and six-year-old son turns into a nightmare after their rented boat breaks down, stranding them on a remote island. And Barkhad Abdi’s local fisherman, as the title Extortion suggests, isn’t exactly the saviour they wish for.

Accept the foolhardy rashness of Bailey’s hero, some howling coincidences and even more improbable plot twists, and writer-director Phil Volken’s low-budget movie white-people-in-peril thriller does become increasingly nerve-wracking as it goes on.

Certificate 15. Runtime 105 mins. Director Phil Volken

Extortion debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Thursday 5 October.