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Fashionista | Fashion victim Amanda Fuller teeters on the brink

Fashionista Amanda Fuller
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Fashionista Amanda Fuller

Fashion victim.

Amanda Fuller goes full throttle as a woman teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown in this strange psychological thriller by British-born writer-director Simon Rumley.

Fuller’s April co-owns a vintage clothes store in Austin, Texas, which gives her ample means to indulge a fashion fetish that appears to keep her turbulent psyche in rough and ready equilibrium. But her suspicions of husband Ethan Embry’s fidelity eventually drive her over the edge.

In the credits, Rumley gives a significant nod to Nicolas Roeg for inspiration. If you've seen such films as Performance and Bad Timing, you may be prepared for his film’s bewilderingly jagged timeline and elliptical story. Fashionista is compelling stuff, even if you do find it as hard as April to keep a grip on what’s really going on.

Certificate 15. Runtime 104 mins. Director Simon Rumley

Fashionista debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 12 July.