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Freehold | An amoral estate agent gets his comeuppance in odd home invasion thriller

Freehold Mim Shaikh
(Image credit: © 2017 Two Pigeons Productions)


A perverse revenge.

A venal estate agent gets an appropriately nasty comeuppance in the dark comedy Freehold (aka Two Pigeons), the unwitting victim of a secret interloper who is hiding out in his flat and wreaking a perverse revenge – spitting in his mouthwash, rinsing his cutlery in the loo and planting gay porn on his girlfriend’s laptop, among other furtive torments.

Yet as heartening as the downfall of Mim Shaikh’s vile character undoubtedly is, many viewers will find his fate offputtingly gross and far too drawn out for the film’s good. Still, director Dominic Bridges makes crafty use of his film’s single set, while double-jointed Spanish actor Javier Botet (a sinisterly skeletal presence in the [REC] films, Mama and Crimson Peak) contorts his body to striking effect as the flat’s uninvited guest.

Certificate 15. Runtime 76 mins. Director Dominic Bridges

Available on DVD & Digital from Signature Entertainment.