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Top Cat Begins | The crafty feline's cartoon prequel isn't the most tip top

Top Cat Begins

Top Cat Begins

"Top Cat Begins"

Cheap-looking computer-animated movie Top Cat Begins purports to show how the crafty scam-artist feline from the early-1960s Hanna-Barbera TV cartoons first hooked up with his gang of New York alley cats. In fact, most of the plot is taken up with a fairly lame caper pitting Top Cat against an alligator crime boss and his goons. Save for bumbling innocent Benny the Ball, the other members of the gang barely get a look in. Young children may get a kick out of the rough-and-tumble action. But anyone familiar with the original will find this furball hard to swallow.

Certificate U. Runtime 90 mins. Director Andrés Couturier

Top Cat Begins debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 18 March and is available on DVD from Warner Home Video.