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Julie Graham: ‘New Tricks was a good chance to hang out with my pal Tamzin Outhwaite!’

Julie Graham reveals she couldn't turn down the opportunity to work with good friend Tamzin Outhwaite in New Tricks (opens in new tab)! Here she tells What’s on TV (opens in new tab) about her new role as Tricia, ex-DI Steve McAndrew's angry ex wife...

The past comes back to haunt ex-DI Steve McAndrew (Denis Lawson) this week. Why does his ex-wife Tricia turn up in his life?

"Their teenage son Stewie’s involved in drugs and going off the rails big time. Even though they've a prickly relationship, Tricia turns to Steve as she wants him to step up and help out with their wayward son."

It seems a kind word hasn’t passed between Tricia and Steve in 10 years. How would you describe their relationship?

"Steve and Tricia had a troubled relationship and he’s also been a bad dad, so a lot of resentment has built up. They’re a typical divorced couple. They don’t get on and she thinks he’s a waste of space, as he hasn’t been there for her or their son."

Were you a fan of New Tricks before accepting the role of Tricia?

"To be honest I'd never watched it! But I knew the reputation of the series and that the calibre of the show was good. When they asked me [to be in it] I thought it would be a nice chance to hang out with Tamzin, who is a good pal of mine, and work on an enjoyable show."

How do you know Tamzin Outhwaite, who plays New Tricks DCI Sasha Miller?

"Tamzin and I worked together on ITV drama Walk Away and I Stumble (opens in new tab) and remained really good friends after that. So New Tricks was a really nice excuse to hang out on set with a buddy!"

Had you worked with any of the other cast members previously?

"I'd worked with Amanda Redman (At Home with the Braithwaites (opens in new tab)) but hadn't worked with any of the others. Although I'd not worked with Denis Lawson before, I knew who he was. As Scottish actors we know a lot of people in common! I really loved working with him on this.”

You’re in another episode later in this series. What can you tell us about that?

"I’m in another New Tricks episode further along in the series which explains Steve's difficult relationship with his own dad, who was a bit of a bully."

Could this be a recurring role for you?

"I suppose Tricia could be a recurring role. If they asked me back and I was available, I’d be happy to return, as I enjoyed it a lot!”

See if Tricia and Steve manage to show a united front when their teenage son Stewie is arrested in New Tricks (opens in new tab) on Monday 8th September at 9pm on BBC1…

Elaine Reilly
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