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Alexander Lincoln - things you didn't know about the Emmerdale actor

Alexander Lincoln
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From famous dinner guests to backstage antics at Emmerdale, there is lots to know about actor Alexander Lincoln...

Alexander Lincoln has become a household name thanks to his role as Emmerdale favourite Jamie Tate.

From the moment he arrived in Emmerdale in 2019 and came face-to-face with his terrifying yet brilliantly wicked mum, Kim Tate (played by Claire King) there hasn't been a moment of peace for the village vet.

Most recently Alexander's character has found himself caught up in a huge hit and run drama, leaving him as one of the most hated men in the village.

Most fans of the actor might know that:

  • He's been in lots of short films
  • He has become good friends with his Emmerdale cast mates
  • He has been an assistant director on many short films

Alexander Lincoln: little known facts about the actor...

1. Emmerdale is his first TV role

Emmerdale Jamie Tate, played by Alexander Lincoln

Alexander has played Jamie Tate since arriving in Emmerdale in 2019 (Picture: ITV)

Despite having a successful start to his career in short films and stage productions, Emmerdale is Alexander's first mainstream TV role - and what a way to launch your TV career by playing the son of legendary Kim Tate!

Speaking of his new role in the ITV soap, Alexander said: "I've been very fortunate with Jamie in that I've got to show so many different aspects of him, but he can be frustrating because he doesn't really take action and can be easily manipulated."

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2. His career almost took a very different path

Alexander was heading for another job interview when he got the call to say he'd landed the role of Jamie Tate in Emmerdale. He told Lorraine Kelly: "I was on my way to the cinema in Walthamstow when I got the call through. I was sort of in shock, filled with fear and then it was just happiness."

3. He has a big following on social media

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Alexander boasts 16,200 followers on Instagram, and more than 2000 followers on Twitter. The actor likes to share pictures of his adventures around the world on his Instagram page, while also thrilling fans with a sneaky behind the scenes pictures from his time on the Emmerdale set.

4. He has been in independent films 

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Before joining Emmerdale last year, Alexander appeared in independent films like Wander, Recall and Sun in the Night.

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5. He's got a bizarre signature dish

Alexander has admitted that the best dish he can cook is, erm, popcorn! While it is hard to find someone who doesnt like popcorn, we're not sure his culinary skills are going to win him a place on Celebrity MasterChef any time soon!

6. He has very eclectic dream dinner date guests 

Robin Williams

Late American actor, Robin Williams would be invited to Alexander's dream dinner party (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Getty)

If he could pick anyone, dead or alive, to come and have dinner with him, Alexander has revealed he would pick Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, American actor and comedian Robin Williams, and American film director Stanley Kubrick.

Alexander Lincoln's Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actor...

How old is he?

Alexander Lincoln's age is 26, he was born on January 21st, 1994.

Where was he born?

Alexander Lincoln was born in Lambeth, London.

Is he married?

Alexander Lincoln isn't married.

Does he have kids?

Alexander Lincoln doesn't have any children.

How tall is he? 

Alexander Lincoln is 1.91 metres tall.

Twitter: @AlexanderLinc12

Instagram: @alexander_lincoln

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