Casualty's Amanda Mealing: ‘The trauma theatre will make Connie a star!'

Connie Casualty
Connie's more excited than a kid on Christmas Day when the new surgery is opened (Image credit: BBC)

The hospital's new trauma theatre is open for business. But it's not long before Connie clashes with colleagues Elle and Dylan when she interferes...

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp opens the new ED trauma theatre in Casualty this week, and she’s hungry to get it up and running. But will she damage her working relationships with senior colleagues Elle Gardner and Dylan Keogh in the process? There’s also the small matter of what’s best for the patient…

Here Amanda Mealing, who plays clinical lead Connie Beauchamp, reveals more…

Why has Connie campaigned to open a trauma theatre in Holby ED?

"She thinks her skills as a heart surgeon aren’t being used. She’s also thinking about the critical patients who are waiting for theatre upstairs and how that’s putting their lives in danger, so she started a campaign to get a trauma theatre in the ED."

Is it fair to say doctor Dylan Keogh (William Beck) is cynical about her motives from the get-go?

"Obviously the trauma theatre will make her a star because she can show off her skills! Dylan’s quite circumspect about the idea that Connie would allow someone else to take the glory." 

Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp

Is Connie putting her ego before the patient's health? (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

Does that turn out to be the case this week?

"Yes, there’s a patient who comes in and is worthy of going to the trauma theatre. It’s their first patient and while the operation is going on Connie ends up getting her hands in there as well. She doesn’t sit back on this one!" 

It’s Elle Gardner’s patient and she strongly opposes the operation. Is Elle (Jaye Griffiths) and Connie’s friendship in danger when Connie pulls rank?

"Connie and Elle’s friendship is surprising because Connie doesn’t do friends. When Connie and Elle are in conflict at work Connie assumes that goes for outside work as well. Elle shows her friends can be enemies at work and friends outside. It’s sweet, really, that someone can be Connie’s age and still not understand how to make and keep friends!"

See Connie and Elle in conflict in Casualty on Saturday 28 July at 8.40pm on BBC1

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