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Benidorm's Charlotte Eaton: 'Aunt Terri is filthy, but she thinks she's a million dollars!' (VIDEO)

Aunt Terri has breezed into Benidorm this series, causing mayhem everywhere, especially for her mortified family members Tiger and Clive Dyke. With a mouth like a sewer and forcing herself on every unwilling man at the Spanish resort, Terri has made things even more salacious at the Solana Hotel.

We decided to find out more about this new addition to the popular ITV comedy, from the actress herself Charlotte Eaton.

Charlotte said: "Aunt Terri thinks she's a million dollars, even though frankly she's not, and she just puts herself out there. No censoring, it's just 'HERE I AM! Like it or leave it.' And I loved her for that because I'm not like that, so much. She's filthy and when I got the script and saw the lines I'd been given I literally [puts hands together in prayer] thanked God..."