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Blu-ray review | The Fly (1958) | Help me! Please, help me! The iconic 1950s sci-fi now in glorious HD

The Fly on Blu-ray

THE STORY After killing her scientist husband André (David 'Al' Hedison), Helene Delambre (Patricia Owens) admits to a police inspector (Herbert Marshall) and her brother-in-law (Vincent Price) that she did so on André’s command after his revolutionary matter transfer experiment went horrifically wrong and left him with the head and claw of a fly. Now, the search is on for a fly with a human head to prove she isn’t mad…

David Hedison and Patricia Owens in The Fly

THE LOWDOWN The Fly is one of the most iconic science fiction films to come out of the late-1950s. Given David Cronenberg’s brilliant 1986 re-telling, this Fly might seem a little old-fashioned by today's standards, but it remains truly unforgettable thanks to the film's two 'big' scenes. It also looks great, oozes suspense and has some cracking performances from the main leads.

Herbert Marshall and Vincent Price in The Fly

THE BLU-RAY RELEASE Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray release is just the ticket to see this classic CinemaScope sci-fi, richly presented here in 1080p, in a 2.35.1 aspect ratio, and with a DTS-HD Master Audio 4.0 soundtrack.

THE EXTRAS The audio commentary with film historian David Del Valle and David Hedison is a real hoot, with Hedison providing some funny anecdotes about making the film, especially one involving the film's unfortunate feline, Dandelo. Also included is the 1997 Biography documentary on Price, The Versatile Villain, and the making-of featurette Fly Trap: Catching a Classic. plus a Fox Movietone News reel and unrestored theatrical trailer.

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