Car Share star Sian Gibson: 'I couldn't wait to get back in the car!'

Everything we know so far about the return of Car Share
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Sian Gibson has reunited with Peter Kay for the most eagerly awaited comedy of the year, the second series of Car Share

Sian Gibson has popped up in all kinds of comedy shows over the years, including Phoenix Nights, The League of Gentlemen and Catherine Tate’s Do Not Disturb. But her big break came in 2015 when her old college buddy Peter Kay cast her in his new BBC1 comedy Car Share, which went on to scoop two BAFTAs, break iPlayer records and win an army of fans.

As chatty supermarket worker Kayleigh Kitson, Sian was a huge hit with viewers, and the little-known Welsh actress became an overnight star.

With the second run of Car Share about to premiere on BBC1, Sian, 40, tells us how the comedy has changed her life…

How does it feel to be back in the famous red Fiat? “I couldn't wait to get back in the car because we had such a great time making the first series. This time felt even better, though, because we were much more familiar with everything.”

Were you surprised by the success of the first series? “I thought the show was funny when Peter and I first filmed it, but you always find your friends funny, don’t you? And Peter’s one of my best mates! It’s been like a dream, though. Car Share has opened so many doors for me and now I can go for roles I’ve always wanted.”

What did you think when Peter first asked you to play Kayleigh? “I thought, ‘If this is a flop, I’ll feel half responsible!’ Peter took a massive risk casting me as Kayleigh. I was like, ‘Are you sure you don’t want Sheridan Smith?’ But he knows what he’s doing. He’s a genius.”

You’re also guest-starring in an episode of new BBC1 comedy Hospital People in May, what can you tell us about that? “It’s a really funny script and an amazing cast so I'm very excited to be a part of it. My character, Hilary, is very different to Kayleigh, so it was great to be given the opportunity to do something so different. It was lots of fun.”

You must get recognised a lot more now? “Well, not so much without Kayleigh’s extensions, but if I put my false eyelashes on, maybe. There is a lot of me in Kayleigh. In fact, I bring a bit of myself to every role otherwise it would be too theatrical and I try to keep it natural as possible, which lends itself to Peter’s style of comedy.”

What’s it like working with Peter? “Peter and I have known each other for so long that there’s already chemistry there, and we bring that into the show. Our relationship has never changed since our college days. We are still as silly and childish, so whenever we work together, we get along perfectly."

Car Share premieres on BBC1 on Tuesday, April 11 at 9pm


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