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Coffy (1973) | Blu-ray release – She's the Godmother of Blaxploitation and she's still hard to beat

Coffy on Blu-ray

In another Arrow Video first comes the world wide Blu-ray release of Jack Hill’s 1973 thriller Coffy, one the best Blaxploitation films of the era, and the one that turned Pam Grier into a cinematic icon.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? LA nurse Flower Child Coffin (Pam Grier (opens in new tab)), aka Coffy, goes on a one-woman mission to take down those responsible for turning her little sister onto heroin and putting her honest cop friend Carter (William Elliott) in hospital. Posing as a junkie hooker and a high-class Jamaican escort, Coffy works her way into the inner circle of drug-dealing pimp King George (Robert DoQui (opens in new tab)), where she finds the level of corruption is much closer to home than she expected…

Coffy (1973)

THE LOWDOWNCoffy (opens in new tab) was a godsend part for exploitation actress Pam Grier (opens in new tab). Her baddass vigilante was a landmark in 1970s cinema and redefined what it meant to be a powerful black woman on screen. As the street wise and fiercely independent hard-working nurse who isn’t unafraid to put her body and her life on the line to exact her own form of justice, she was the perfect modern, revolutionary heroine. And Grier brilliantly brought her to life. But its Hill's street smart script and tight direction that sets this Blaxploitation apart, while his Foxy Brown follow up makes for a great companion piece.

Coffy (1973)

THE BLU-RAY RELEASE Arrow’ (opens in new tab)s director-approved presentation features a restored HD transfer (which looks fantastic btw) alongside an audio commentary with Jack Hill. Among the new interviews on this release is A Taste of Coffy, featuring Hill on making the film (19min), and The Baddest Chick in Town!