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Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones rules out third series of BBC megahit

Doctor Foster
(Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Warren Orchar)

No more Gemma

Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones has said that a third series of the show is unlikely.

The BBC drama hit screens back in 2015 and followed Dr Gemma Foster as she investigates whether her husband is having an extra-marital affair.

The show’s second series then came out back in 2017 and fans have been waiting ever since for another run.

However,  the former Coronation Street actress, who plays the troubled doctor, has revealed that it is now unlikely the show will ever return.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster appears to have ended for good (Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Nick Briggs)

The actress revealed the sad news to Radio Times, as she responded to a question about whether the door was closed on another season, saying, "Yes. I haven't said that before in interviews, as I tend to say ‘who knows?’.

“I loved it," she added, speaking of the show’s creator, “I love Mike Bartlett, I love [the producers] Drama Republic”.

"Series one was amazing,” she went on, “series two, equally, peaked at nearly ten million viewers and pushed in crazy directions”.

However, she then revealed that it was unlikely for her character to return, saying, “But I think Gemma's done."

The actress’s co-star Bertie Carvel, who played Dr Gemma’s husband Simon in the two series, recently spoke about why he thinks a third series of the show would be difficult to make.

"It will be difficult to get the band back together,” he said.

"That's the challenge with British TV,” continued the actor, “there aren't the budgets to keep people in golden handcuffs with such huge options. It was a blessing we were able to do the second and I wasn't too busy at that stage.

"The further we go in time, everybody's career is doing very nicely," he added.

"You have to make a big investment in something in order to make it an endlessly returnable series”.

Looks like fans are just going to have to rely on all those repeats!