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Does Dragons' Den star Peter Jones ever get a hangover?

Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones loves his sauce – not just investing in them, but a night on them as well it seems.

But according to fellow Dragon Touker Suleyman, the entrepreneur known for his colourful socks can drink him under the table, and never appears to feel hungover the next day.

Fashion businessman Touker, who just joined the BBC show this series, told The Sun: “I enjoy winding Peter up and he enjoys winding me up. Peter is 6ft 7in and I am 5ft 6in so physically he is much bigger than me. Of course he outdoes me when it comes to drinking wine in the evenings.

New dragon Touker Suleyman Dragons' Den

Touker can’t keep up with Peter’s drinking pace (BBC)


“That is his passion and I can’t keep up with him. He out-drinks me every time. But he is always sharp in the Den the next day, always as fresh as a button.”

Touker’s arrival has stirred things up in the Den this year, as he often tries to outbid his rival Dragons with bigger investments.

Dragons' Den

The Dragons are all friends off screen, but not in the Den (BBC)


But he insisted: “When we are off the set, we are great friends. Bearing in mind that Peter and Deborah Meaden have been on the show for a long time, they have been amazing at how they have made the new Dragons feel at home. They have been great.

“But when we are in the Den we have to do what we have got to do. We are investing our own money and we try and make that happen.”