As Emmerdale's Faith Dingle turns psychic, actress Sally Dexter tells us who'd she love to contact from beyond the grave

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Faith Dingle is about to unleash a hidden talent: she's a psychic! As the storyline begins, actress Sally Dexter has ambitions for her character's spooky skill…

Faith Dingle is about to put the wind up killer mum Emma Barton when she claims to be a psychic who can talk to the dead!

With Emma Barton having bumped off her fiancé James, last October, Faith's claim, no matter how fanciful, sends the nutty nurse round the twist with fear that her murderous secret is at risk.

Faith Dingle

Psychic Faith holds court in the Woolpack

A terrified Emma is scared that Faith will be able to communicate with her murdered fiancé James and physically grabs her as Psychic Faith gets underway.

Whether Faith actually has a word with James Barton from the afterlife remains to be seen. But there is someone, Sally Dexter, the actress who plays Faith, believes her character would like to communicate with if she could… her drunkard ex-husband Shadrach who died in 2010.

“Faith would like to talk to Shadrach! I’ve got a vague idea of him as he looked," said Sally. “But, as a young man, I wonder what he was like and how he and Faith got together."

The character, played by actor Andy Devine,  was killed off on 23 July 2010 after collapsing, from liver disease, into a river, whilst attempting to retrieve some beer cans and drowning.

A forlorn Shadrach - Faith's ex - leaves the villlage

A forlorn Shadrach - Faith's ex - leaves the villlage

Shadrach with daughter Chas

Shadrach with daughter Chas

Sally continued: "You think: ‘what was that about?’ Why did it lead to the devastating decision for her to leave her children, which has been the heart of all the hurt between Faith, Chas and Cain? The pain is huge. I’d like to find out why that all happened.”

With Psychic Faith in Emmerdale the possibilities are endless of  people she could contact from beyond the grave. Here are four other deceased characters we think the mystic Dingle should get in touch with.....


The one-time owner of Home Farm's life ended badly and bitterly as he exacted revenge on third wife Charity for her terrible behaviour, hoping to pin his suicide on her, framing her for his 'murder'. His dying words, in 2003, were insults spat at Charity. Faith could find out if Chris feels karma has caught up with his former wife, who continues to scam and scheme.


Aaron Dingle's first love and the man responsible for making him comfortable with his sexuality. After a car crash left him paralysed from the neck down, Jackson chose to die and Aaron assisted his suicide in 2011. Faith could find out what Jackson, who was a good man, makes of Aaron's partner, Robert Sugden, who's not exactly squeaky clean.


Gennie's untimely death in 2013 was a particularly grisly one. Having found out Cameron Murray was not only cheating on her sister, Chas with Debbie, but had also bumped off Carl King, Gennie was on her way to the police station to report the killer. A car chase ensued and Gennie veered off the road where Cameron finished off the injured mum by suffocating her. We'd love to know what Gennie feels about Debbie's lastest wrong 'un: Ross Barton.




In 2015, Val's tragic death in the helicopter crash in Emmerdale left her husband, Pollard, and sister Diane utterly bereft. Val sacrificed her own life to save Diane's as a killer shard of glass fell from the Hall of Mirrors the siblings had become trapped in. Pollard has only just got back on his feet. Might Faith be able to contact Val to pass on words of support to those she left behind?

Which other deceased village-folk do you think Faith should use her special powers to catch up with? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Find out how Faith's 'Psychic Night' at the Woolpack turns out by watching Emmerdale's episodes on Thursday 23rd March.



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