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Emmerdale star Liam Fox baffled by freaky doppelgänger fan on Good Morning Britain

(Image credit: ITV)

That is spooky!

Emmerdale star Liam Fox was left baffled after his appearance on Good Morning Britain today.

The ITV soap star, who is famed for playing the role of Dan Spencer  since 2011, joined morning telly host Lorraine Kelly in an interview via video link.

During the chat, the pair discussed the recent revelation that Liam has a seriously similar lookalike fan from Finland.

Watching the footage of his spookily alike doppelgänger, Liam admitted the likeness had freaked him out big time.

Convinced the appearance of Liam's long lost Finnish twin must be a joke, Scottish telly star Lorraine said, "Right come on, fess up, that's actually you pretending!

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

"It's absolutely remarkable. Was your dad in Finland at that time do you know? It's fantastic. Uncanny," she joked.

Looking on the bright side that Liam now has a work stand in on hand, she went on, "If ever you had to take a couple of days off for nothing very serious we hope, there is always somebody that could step into your shoes."

Lots of Good Morning Britain viewers took to social media to react to the bizarre segment.

"Just seen your interview on @reallorraine OMG that guy is your twin.....loved it," one Emmerdale fan wrote to Liam, while a second added, "Really enjoyed your interview @Liamfoxactor who knew Finland had your doppelgänger?!"

Of course, Liam went on to chat about the recent news that Emmerdale is set to go ahead with production after halting filming for almost two months in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

"There are loads of measures. They are doing so much to make it a safe environment for everybody," he explained. "

"We've got to do inductions and the building is going to change – the whole process is going to change. From what I know from the people that have been back there already, it sounds like it's as safe as it possibly could be."

Emmerdale continues on ITV.