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EXCLUSIVE: Sian Gibson – 'I'm ready for a second series of Car Share when Peter is!' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC/Goodnight Vienna Productions)

Sian Gibson, the star of the hit BBC sitcom Car Share, says she's looking forward to filming series two – when it's confirmed!

"You'll have to ask the boss on that one," she told What's on TV.

Sian played supermarket promotional worker Kayleigh (who she describes as 'a happier, more fun version of me, or me when I've had a drink!') in the series based on her and colleague John's (Peter Kay) journey to and from work. The unlikely set-up became the most popular comedy on British TV in 2015.

Asked if there will be a second series, Sian said: "I hope so. I'm ready, when Peter is, to do it. We've got loads of ideas, I'm friends with Peter anyway so we see lots of each other, so we kind of know what's going to happen. So we know where John and Kayleigh would end up should there be a second series... You'll have to ask the boss on that one."

Sian explained that the success of Car Share took her by surprise and the reaction to it has been overwhelming.

"Peter and I were just in a car having a laugh and driving around and it got to the point where we were saying 'Will people really laugh at this?' cos it's just two people in a car. And obviously because we're friends anyway we find each other funny, so we were thinking, will other people find it funny? I was just overwhelmed by the reaction to it. I didn't imagine it would be as mental as it is. It's just amazing... I'm really proud of it."

Watch the full interview with Sian Gibson, above. "]

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