'It's a five year gig': Aidan Turner hints at the forthcoming end of Poldark

Ross is in trouble as a cracking season finale of Poldark concludes
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The future of Poldark has been the subject of much speculation.

Fans of the BBC hit Poldark will be anything but happy to hear that the shows star, actor Aidan Turner, has suggested the end of the franchise could be in sight.

With the fourth season of the series confirmed for 2018, Aidan has since hinted that the show will end after five seasons.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, that actor tellingly shares: 'We've covered all the books, and the entire stories. It's a five-year gig, when it's all done'.

Aidan Turner, poldark

Whilst the book series features twelve novels, the BBC have been adapting them into TV sequences at an incredibly fast past - with season one having been based on books one and two, 2016's season two covering books three and four, and this year's season three covering all of book five and half of book six.

This means that there are only five and a half books left for the remaining seasons to follow.

However, whilst fans are already wondering whether or not Poldark will stay on our screens for the foreseeable future, the TV bosses involved in the show aren't even sure themselves.

Recently, writer Debbie Horsfield had told Digital Spy: 'At some point over the next six months, the BBC will let us know whether a series 5 is on the cards. We may not know that for quite some time. When that happens, then we'll start thinking about that possibility, but at the moment, we're just very fixed on series 4'.

We'll have to wait till the beginning of 2018 for the return of the fourth season of Poldark.

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