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Game Of Thrones star in Four Weddings And A Funeral TV series

Game Of Thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei

The hit 1984 romantic comedy Four Weddings And A Funeral is being developed into a TV series with Game Of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel

It's been over 30 years since Four Weddings And A Funeral took the cinema box office by storm, and characters Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) had THAT kiss in the rain.

Now the hit British romantic comedy is being developed into a TV series, with the involvement of original screenwriter Richard Curtis and a guest appearance from Andie MacDowell.

The TV series, which begins filming in London later this month, will centre on Maya, an American who reunites with friends Craig, Ainsley and Duffy in London for a wedding. But Maya and her friends' lives are thrown into turmoil after a shock bombshell revelation at the altar...

If successful, the TV series will reportedly follow a different set of friends (and of course, four weddings and a funeral) in subsequent sequels.

The cast of the series, which is due to premiere on streaming service Hulu next year includes Game Of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel (she plays Daenerys’ trusted advisor Missandei), Nikesh Patel (Channel 4's Indian Summers), Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project), John Paul Reynolds (Stranger Things) with Andie MacDowell guest starring as Mrs Howard, the mum of Maya's gal pal, Ainsley.

An official announcement for the series reveals: "Relationships are forged and broken, political scandals exposed, London social life lampooned, love affairs ignited and doused, and of course, there are four weddings… and a funeral."

The original film Four Weddings And A Funeral made over $245 million worldwide and became the highest-grossing British film at the time. It won numerous awards including Best Film at the BAFTAs and a Golden Globe Award for star Hugh Grant.

Four Weddings And A Funeral is due to be shown on streaming service Hulu in 2019