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Get ready for Totally Game Season 2

Some of the most compelling video that millions and millions of people are watching isn't traditional, and it's not even on TV. And come Oct. 28, Season 2 of Totally Game drops on the Totally Game feeds.

Season 1 racked up more than 21 million views for the short-form series, and Season 2 is prepped to launch on Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube, as well as some of your favorite gaming sites.

What to expect in Season 2? How about Jeff Leach — you know him as the voice of Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — breaks down a new way to reach fans, and how he's built a loyal community on the other side of the controller.

You'll also meet Zoe Espinoza of Austin, Texas, a blind, nonbinary gamer who's also a kickass Mortal Combat player. 

Or how about a real-life Peter Parker (who's named neither Peter nor Parker, though that's neither here nor there) who recreates all kinds of stunts from the Spider-Man game.

Still need more? How about:

  • The world's highest level Overwatch player finds an unexpected challenge. 
  • The first Apex Legends player to reach 100,000 kills faces a new series of crazy in-game challenges.
  • You'll meet the world's number one Tekken player — from Pakistan.
  • And someone who gave up a six-figure salary to play Super Smash Bros full-time.

It all goes down starting Oct. 28. Be sure to stretch before watching.