Grantchester's Robson Green: 'All Geordie's wounds are totally self-inflicted!' (VIDEO)

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It turns out vicar Sidney Chambers isn't the only one with a complicated love life in Grantchester. Robson Green tells us why detective Geordie Keating is finding comfort in the arms of his secretary...

Robson Green has lifted the lid on why Grantchester detective, Geordie Keating, has started cheating on his wife with his secretary.

As the 50s-set drama returned for its third series on Sunday night, Robson's detective Geordie was back alongside James Norton's crime-fighting clergyman Sidney Chambers to investigate more murders in the otherwise seemingly idyllic village of Grantchester.

Fans were left stunned, though, when the end of the episode saw Geordie, married to Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth) having a secret smooch in his office with police secretary, Margaret (Seline Hizli).

In this week's second episode, it's the Grantchester vs Whittlesford village cricket match, and Sidney and Geordie are batting away everything the Whittlesford bowlers can throw at them. But when Geordie spots Margaret in the crowd, he gets distracted…

"Geordie thinks the grass is greener if he inhabits that world and, of course, it never is," Robson told What’s on TV. "At home, he thinks the routine is nappies and laundry… that's how he describes his life.

"But through the nappies and laundry what he’s not seeing are the children or the person, not even talking to them, he’s just seeing the routine. Because Margaret’s on her own, he thinks there’s freedom there. But, of course, there’s not, there’s just chaos and more chaos!"

Grantchester Geordie Cathy Margaret

Geordie is caught between two women: wife Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth) and secretary Margaret (Seline Hizli)


Robson added: "All Geordie's wounds are totally self-inflicted. All the problems that happen in Geordie's life are because of the choices he's made. That's kinda the world over, I think!"

Although Grantchester deals with the murky world of murder and deceit, Robson revealed how, on one occasion, he was thrown off set for laughing too much.

"The director said to the first AD: 'Get his costume on and get him off the set'," confessed Robson. "It was one o’clock in the morning, it was raining and we were doing an exhumation; it was a pretty dark, tragic scene where we had to get this body out from the grave. But James always asks me to do Tommy Cooper jokes and it was one of those moments that lent itself to a Tommy Cooper gag."

He went on: "We eventually got it together, but the whole scene fell apart anyway when a grave-digger, as we were pulling the coffin out of the hole, broke wind! That was it, we were done!"

Grantchester's Sidney Chambers and Geordie Keating

Grantchester continues on Sundays at 9pm on ITV


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