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Holby City's Dawn Steele 'This news is massive, it's like a bomb's gone off!'

Ange Dom Holby
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SPOILER ALERT! Ange Godard was left stunned in Tuesday night's Holby when she learnt medic Dominic Copeland was her son. Dawn Steele talks THAT bombshell...

Holby City's Dawn Steele on Ange Godard's blast from the past...

Wow! There were shocks aplenty in tonight's Holby City. What did we find out about Ange?

"Well, it turns out that Ange is in fact Dr Dominic Copeland’s (David Ames) real mum. And Carole (Julia Deakin) is actually his adoptive mother. We learn that Ange gave Dom up when she was just 14. So Ange obviously knows she has a son… but not that that son is Dom!"

That's huge!

"I know! This news is massive – it really is like a bomb’s gone off at the hospital!"

Holby Ange Carole

Carole was thrown by Ange's shock revelation. But then Carole dropped an even bigger bombshell...

How does Ange feel when she discovers Dom's her biological son?

"It's really upsetting. Things get very emotional between Ange and Carole and lots of lies and secrets are revealed. We discover that Carole was meant to tell Dom he was adopted but she didn't and Ange thought her 'son' would always know and one day maybe he would try and find her. It’s all a bit of a mess to be honest."

The big question is: does Dom himself find out the truth?

"He does eventually. It's all quite heavy… and it's about to get a whole lot worse!"

Holby Dom birthday

It's Dom's birthday - and he's oblivious to the simmering tensions between Carole and Ange...

When we first heard this is where the storyline was going, we were stunned!

"I know. I’m far too young to have a son Dom's age, 32, so there’s a bit of creative licence going on for sure. Thankfully, David and Amy Lennox, who plays Ange’s daughter Chloe, do both look quite young!"

And are you pleased the storyline has gone in this direction?

"Oh God yeah! As an actress, for me, it's great. These are really big meaty storylines. It's fabulous. People sometimes look down their noses at continuing dramas but, in terms of the storylines you get, many actors would kill to get those storylines. I love working with David, Amy and Julia, who plays Carole. It’s all very emotional, which I love doing as an actor. There may be some light relief to come… but I don’t see that happening any time soon."

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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