Honeysuckle: 'Foyle suspects Sam is a spy!'

There are massive changes former military driver Sam Stewart in Foyle's War (ITV, Sunday). For a start, her old boss believes she’s become a traitor! Honeysuckle Weeks (opens in new tab) explains...

Everything’s changed since the last series of Foyle’s War. The war is over and Inspector Foyle is helping MI5 fight the Cold War. How does Foyle come across Sam again?

"Sam and her husband Adam are living in London and she’s working as a secretary to an illustrious scientist, Professor Fraser, who’s working on the atomic bomb. Sam is now the main breadwinner as her husband Adam is trying to become a Labour MP. Foyle suspects Sam of being a spy, so she ends up losing her job!"

What makes Foyle think Sam’s working for the communists?

"MI5 have a photograph of her with a suspected Russian spy, so Foyle’s asked to meet her at her new boss’s home. Sam looks despondent and seems different. She’s off her food for one thing, so alarm bells start ringing! When Professor Fraser finds out that Foyle is working for MI5, he fires Sam."

So after a reunion with Foyle, it all goes wrong for Sam?

"She’s got no job and she’s living a hand-to-mouth existence. Although the war is over, there’s no food, there are no buses or trains and there are electricity blackouts. So her idealism has been thwarted. She thought that if they all struggled hard through the war, there would be a good outcome – everything would be sunny and tickety-boo again. But it’s not."

How is she getting on with Adam?

"Sam has some personal issues to deal with and that means she’s not able to fulfil her role as a domestic goddess. Her outlook is a bit bleak, but it was great for me as an actor because it gave me far more to do. Before, my role was mainly, 'Sir! There’s been another murder!' It was very much, 'Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir!'"

You must have been pleased when ITV decided to make another series?

"I’m always thrilled to reprise the role as I love working with Michael Kitchen (Foyle) and the writer, Anthony Horowitz. Plus, I wouldn’t want anyone else to play my part. I’ve been working on this show for more than a third of my life!"


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