Inbetweeners' Blake Harrison to star in new E4 hallucinogenic comedy, Tripped

(Image credit: Angus Young)

The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison plays a man who finds himself trapped in a parallel universe in a new E4 comedy drama Tripped, which has been commissioned for a four-part series after a successful pilot.

Blake plays Danny, a 24-year-old who finds himself tripping into various parallel universes with his best friend and stoner Milo, after Milo tries a batch of particularly strong hallucinogens. 

While being chased by a dangerous assassin, the pair encounter various different versions of themselves. But will Danny ever manage to get back to reality?

“I'm really excited to be working on Tripped!" says Blake. "It's always frustrating when good actors make me look bad, but on this show I get to have a lot of scenes with myself so I should look all right! Also, they've let me have a sword so if any one brings me a cold steak I can go full medieval Clarkson on their ass!!"

But Tripped isn't the only sci-fi comedy drama on the cards for E4 this year – the channel has also commissioned a six-part series called Aliens...

An E4 spokesperson said: "The aliens are here. In fact, they’ve been here for the last 40 years. But though they walk like us, talk like us and look like us, they’re not allowed to live with us."

"All aliens are forced to live behind a huge wall in a segregated community called Troy; a ramshackle and hedonistic ghetto where a criminal sub-culture thrives. It’s a world of mystery, danger and forbidden pleasures.

"But when mild-mannered human Lewis, a border control guard at the wall’s check-point, discovers that he is half-alien, his secret threatens to turn his world upside down as he is drawn into the dark underbelly of Troy." 

Filming on both series will begin later this year.

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