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Just One Day | DVD review - Andy Garcia & Vera Farmiga's mismatched strangers meet cute on campus

At Middleton aka Just One Day.jpg

At Middleton aka Just One Day.jpg

Low-key but engaging romantic comedy Just One Day (also known as At Middleton) stars Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga as a pair of mismatched strangers who meet and fall in love while taking a college campus tour with their university-bound children. He's an uptight, blazer-and-bow-tie-wearing cardiac surgeon and she's a flaky free spirit who sells children's furniture, but the spark between them is clear from the start.

Garcia and Farmiga's appealing chemistry supplies the pep missing from the limp script and although the prevailing mood is cosily light-hearted, there's a bittersweet undertone to the film, with hints now and then of messier mid-life emotions than the rom-com genre usually accommodates. By the way, Farmiga's real-life sister, Taissa Farmiga, plays her on-screen daughter, while Garcia's real-life daughter, Daniella Garcia, pops up in a smaller but unrelated role.

Certificate 15. Runtime 96mins. Director Adam Rodgers.

Just One Day is showing on Sky Movies Premiere at 6pm today and is available on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment.