Kevin Hart joins the cast of Eli Roth's 'Borderlands' adaption

Kevin Hart closeup.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kevin Hart is no stranger to blockbuster movies or playing a video game character. He has done so twice in the Jumanji reboot movies. He is now joining Cate Blanchett in Borderlands', a Lionsgate movie adaptation of the popular video game. Hart will be stepping into the role of Roland, a skilled ex-soldier-turned-mercenary.

The Borderlands video game franchise involves mercenaries and raiders operating on the planet Pandora. Different corporations are mining the planet for riches. There is a vault of ancient alien treasures everyone is after. Cate Blanchett is playing the role of Lilith, a character with alien abilities. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Lilith and Roland travel to Pandora for a vacation after defeating General Knoxx, a main antagonist in the franchise. This means we will potentially get a fair amount of Blanchett and Hart in scenes together. An already exciting dynamic. 

Who is Roland?

Roland is a prominent character in the Borderlands video game series. He was honorably discharged from the Crimson Lance, a highly trained private military force. Unfortunately, Crimson Lance doctrine states that the only type of discharge is a dishonorable discharge, which usually involves a bullet to the skull. So, his story is always different when asked about his departure, which presents Hart with a great opportunity to lean into his ab-libing skills. Hopefully, he does just that in the movie. Borderlands’ director Eli Roth has already stated how excited he is to work with Kevin Hart. 

The plot of the movie adaption is currently under wraps. Still, with Craig Mazin, who created the acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl, writing the latest draft for the movie, it’s sure to be something that will surely be entertaining. Mazin is also working on the live-action adaption series of the popular video game The Last of Us. Fans of both video game franchises will soon have additional content to anticipate.