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Liar star Joanne Froggatt hints at second series of the ITV hit


Liar star Joanne Froggatt has promised more twists to come in ITV's hit drama Liar and even hinted that there might be a second series

Liar star Joanne Froggatt has promised there's plenty to more twists to come in ITV's hit drama Liar and even hinted that there might be a second series.

Over five million viewers have been kept in the dark about whether or not surgeon Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) really raped troubled teacher Laura Nielson (Joanne).

And the former Downton Abbey star, 37, has promised TV Times there are more twists to come and has hinted there could be a second series by saying it ends on a "cliffhanger," suggesting there could be more of the story to tell.

"There are even more twists and turns to come! I’ve never done a thriller before and it’s great that you don’t have to wait until the end to learn who is lying. There’s a satisfactory conclusion to the series, too, however we do finish on a bit of a cliffhanger…"

Liar Jo and Ioan

Meanwhile, Joanne said she was eager to find out who was lying when she was first shown the script. "After I read the script, the first thing I said to the director was, ‘Who’s lying?!’ I was surprised when I was told, but I really needed to know how it turned out because it is such a controversial topic and so it was important to me that it was handled as it has been."

Joanne added that she was pleased that the series has sparked a conversation about rape and consent. "I always thought that if I was sat at home watching Liar with my husband [IT manager James Cannon], it’s something we’d discuss and it is a great thing to be part of something that can open up conversation about a sensitive matter"

As to whether she was concerned about exploring the issue of sexual assault again after playing Anna, who was raped in Downton Abbey, Joanne replied: "That was absolutely part of my thought process and I read the script thinking, ‘If only it was a different subject matter.’ But then I thought, ‘I’ve also played a murderer three times, so it’s okay.’"

Liar continues on Mondays on ITV.