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Line of Duty's Polly Walker opens up about her shock storyline in series finale

Adrian Dunbar as Hastings and Polly Walker as Gill in Line of Duty
Adrian Dunbar as Hastings and Polly Walker as Gill in Line of Duty (Image credit: BBC/World Productions Ltd)

Last night saw Line of Duty's firth series come to its climax.

WARNING: Season 5 spoilers ahead

And this morning, Polly Walker, who plays Gill Biggeloe, took to the This Morning sofa to discuss her character's role in the finale.

While the mystery of who 'H' is still remains, we now know that Gill framed Ted Hastings.

"I think I've always known that Gill was a bad one, on some level, but I didn't know to what extent," Polly admitted on the show. "I mean, there had to be a point to her, there had to be a reason why she was constantly, sort of, after Ted.

"It never got fulfilled, it was never realised, they never had this affair - I think people just thought I was sort of a man-eater. You know, some sort of desperate career-crazy man hunter."

Earlier this week, Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott in the hit BBC1 series, appeared on Sunday Brunch and was questioned about the series conclusion.

Martin Compston as Steve Arnott in Line of Duty

Martin Compston as Steve Arnott in Line of Duty (Image credit: BBC/World Productions)

“We’ve already got a next series and if I want to survive I’m not going to say anything,” he joked, determined not to give anything away.

“The show itself has already been commissioned for another series, but who knows who’ll make it there. I think what Jed’s really good at is his writing so there will be a few pay-offs.”

Polly agreed that the show is written well, which accounts for its great success.

Line of Duty

(Image credit: ITV)

"I think it's brilliantly written," Polly continued this morning. "I think it allows people to be a detective in their own home. Everybody loves a whodunnit, you know, it's a thriller.

"The writing's impeccable, it doesn't patronise the audience, it's become sort of a collective experience and people like to belong. It's well acted and it's original."

Line of Duty will return for a sixth season