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Meet Scott & Bailey's new boss!

Ex-Emmerdale star Danny Miller joins hit drama series Scott & Bailey (opens in new tab) (ITV, Wednesday) next week as new sergeant Rob Waddington. Here, the 22-year-old actor talks about his new role and life after soap...

You're joining Scott & Bailey this week as new DS Rob Waddington. What's he like? And how did he get the job?

"At 25, Rob's almost straight out of university and was only in uniform a few months before being fast-tracked to sergeant of Syndicate 9. He's a bit wet behind the ears as far as experience goes, but he's a likeable guy who just wants to get to the top as quickly as he can."

When he arrives, Rob relieves Janet Scott of her acting sergeant role. Is there friction between them?

"There's no bitterness or jealousy there at all. Rob's keen to learn from an experienced officer like Janet and she wants to help him succeed, especially in his first case, which centres on a Fred West-type serial killer. I couldn't do that job - but I've enjoyed being a 'fake' policeman."

What was it like working alongside Lesley Sharpe and Suranne Jones, who play Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey?

"Coming from a soap, I've followed Suranne's career since she was in Coronation Street, so it's been incredible working with her and Lesley. In many ways, I feel I was settling into this job, as Rob was settling into his job. He's nervous at first, but soon shows everyone who's boss."

In the coming weeks, Rob gets caught up in a dispute between Janet and Rachel...

"Janet and Rachel fall out over something Rachel does and Rob's forced to act as referee. He feels a little intimidated coming between these two powerful women, but the time comes where he's got to pull rank as sergeant and step in. He's like a rose between two thorns."

You quit Emmerdale (opens in new tab) in 2012 after playing Aaron Livesy for three years? Would you consider returning to the soap?

"I do miss playing Aaron; he was a massive part of my life. I miss how angry he could get over nothing and I loved all the crying. I'd never say never about going back to Emmerdale but, at the moment, I just want to do what I left the show for - and that's play different characters."


Victoria Wilson
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