Michael McIntyre is a celebrity phone pest

(Image credit: Hungry McBear / BBC)

Michael McIntyre’s brand new BBC1 Saturday night entertainment series is filled with comedy, music and lots of surprises, but any celebrities who pop along to London’s Theatre Royal to watch the show should be warned...

In Michael McIntyre's Big Show, the award-winning comedian has been pinching celebrities phones and sending embarrassing messages to all their contacts as part of a segment for Michael McIntyre’s Big Show and some of them aren’t impressed!

“In the first episode I sent a message from Spice Girl Geri Horner’s phone saying she was doing a massage course and needed people to practise on!" said Michael.

“We got all kinds of responses and a farmer Geri knew was very keen. Although he said he was very busy lambing at the moment so she would have to come to the farm if she wanted to massage him!”

With other celebrities due to be pranked as the series goes on, this won’t be the last time that Michael gets in hot water with one of his celebrity chums. But the comedian said it isn’t always the people whose phones he steals who get angry!

"Unbelieveably, the first three celebrities I did this to for the show all had Phillip Schofield as one of their contacts,” explained Michael. “We film every Sunday night and Phillip was getting a weird message every Sunday night, followed by a text saying it was all a joke. He was getting quite grumpy!

"Duncan Bannatyne got a text the first two weeks and didn’t twig! He just sent a tweet saying that he kept getting odd messages every Sunday!”

“I’m amazed that celebrities still let me have their phones, let’s not jinx it!” said Michael. “I hope they still let me have their phones after this ... or maybe people will just start texting back saying ‘Is this Michael McIntyre?”

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show starts on Saturday at 7pm on BBC1


Sean Marland

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