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No Offence star Alexandra Roach: My family of police officers were shocked I was playing a cop (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Phil Fisk)

We’ve just seen some outrageous police shenanigans in the first episode of C4’s new comedy-drama No Offence. There was a police conference in a toilet cubicle, a gruesome squashed head in the road caused by an unorthodox police chase and, of course, a major hunt for a twisted serial killer…

At the heart of all the Friday Street station operations is the newly promoted and very nervous sergeant Joy Freers, played by Fresh Meat star Alexandra Roach. And Alexandra should know about police life better than any of the cast, as she comes from a Welsh family of police officers, which she explained in a recent chat alongside her No Offence cast colleague Joanna Scanlan.

“They were quite shocked to be honest, when I told them I was going to be playing a police officer,” says Alexandra. “I’m nervous about them watching it because I’ve grown up around stories of what happens in the police. So yes I am quite nervous for them to watch, especially because I’m a sergeant so I’m already above them!

"I’m sure they’ll be very critical of some of Joy’s methods! I want to watch it with them, so I might travel home to Wales to do that."

No Offence continues on Channel 4 every Tuesday at 9pm