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Paterson Joseph would 'love to reprise Johnson' for the final Peep Show (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Ben Blackall)

Paterson Joseph is eager to come back to his role as Alan Johnson for the final series of Peep Show.

The actor told What's On TV that he wanted to return to the role of the dodgy businessman alongside David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who play bickering flatmates Mark and Jeremy in the Channel 4 comedy, which is set to screen its swansong later this year.

"I would love to reprise Johnson," says the actor, who stars in ITV drama Safe House next Monday. "We have been doing it an awfully long time, but it has been a while since we have gone back to it and we have all had such different careers so it would be brilliant to just bring us all back together. I think the last series will probably be the best because it will be no holds barred."

Paterson says he will never tire of people asking about his outlandish character. "I am very proud of it. People say, 'Does it cheese you off that people remember you for Johnson?'  Why would it? I love that character, he is a great creation," he said.

After the twists and turns of dark thriller Safe House, Paterson will be next be seen the world of comedy again for Sky One's Apocalypse Slough, which centres on a threat to mankind when a comet hurtles towards Earth and co-stars Rob Lowe and Mathew Baynton.

"I play General Gaines who is a proper five star American general. He is very strong and authoritative and he is the one who sorts out what is going to happen to the rest of the human race who are going to survive the apocalypse, but there is a lovely twist to him as well..."

Watch an interview with Safe House star Paterson Joseph, above.