Prey's Rosie Cavaliero: 'I've done lots of running up stairs... and being pushed down them!'

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As cat-and-mouse thriller Prey returns to ITV with a brand new case, actress Rosie Cavaliero reveals all about DS Susan Reinhardt's latest man-on-the-run…

Were you surprised when you got the call to reprise your role as DS Susan Reinhardt for a second series of Prey?

"Yes, I was. Particularly as John Simm – who played Marcus Farrow in the first series – wasn't involved, I didn't think they'd want to do it again. People loved the first series – I'd have people saying to me: 'I don't like her' but then by the end they were like: 'She was great!' I'd also get people saying to me: 'She never stops stuffing her face!'"

How does this second series of Prey compare to the first one?

"It's still got the high stakes and the tension but it's a different story; this one focuses on a prison officer called David Murdoch, played by Life on Mars actor Philip Glenister."

How does Murdoch become Susan's latest man-on-the-run?

"The first thing she hears is that Murdoch has enabled a prisoner, Jules Hope (MyAnna Buring), to break out of prison and she doesn't really know why. Susan doesn't have very much to go on to begin with and then, gradually, she gets more information as more people are revealed within the web…"

Viewers learn that Murdoch has fled with Jules because someone's threatening to kill his daughter, played by ex-Emmerdale (opens in new tab) actress Sammy Winward…

"That's right. Murdoch's so obsessed with finding his daughter that he sees Susan as just one of many people getting in his way."

So, have you had to do a lot of running as Susan again this series?

“Yes, lots of running. I've done lots of chasing again this series, running up stairs and being pushed down them. For one scene I had to run very fast up a hill about 30 times – I was so stiff the next day because I’m very unfit!"

Susan's got a new right-hand man this series in the shape of confident DC Richard Iddon, played by Misfits' actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. How do he and Susan get along?

“Richard's young and eager but he’s a bit over-keen, so he sometimes oversteps the mark. I think he sort of irritates Susan - but they gradually start to get on and are quite matey by the end."

We saw Susan stalking her ex-husband in series one – how’s her personal life this series?

"Susan's possibly got another job offer down south, so she's in a bit of a dilemma this series: does she stay up north with Phil, or change her life and go?”

What do you enjoy most about playing Susan?

“I love that Susan is who she is and just wants to get on with the job. She's not charming, charismatic or fashionable, she's flawed, vulnerable and real – and not always that polite!"

Are you anything like Susan?

"I don't think I am like her; or at least I hope I'm not. I am driven, but in a very different way, and I think I'm slightly warmer. Her put-downs can be quite funny, so maybe we have a similar sense of humour. Oh, and I like food!"

Prey returns on Wednesday December 9 at 9pm on ITV.

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