'Shetland' fans left stunned by the season finale

DI Jimmy Perez confronts Niven Guthrie in the 'Shetland' season 6 finale.
Jimmy Perez managed to solve the Alex Galbraith case, but he faces even more trouble next season... (Image credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz)

Shetland season 6 came to an end last night. Whilst it was good to see the team close the case on the Alex Galbraith murder, the final moments have blown some fans' minds.

*HUGE Shetland spoilers ahead - do not read on if you're not caught up just yet*

Having ultimately tracked down what happened both to Alex Galbraith and Marianne Ross, it seemed like things were looking up for Jimmy, Tosh, and the gang. Sandy was preparing to tell Jimmy about the crime scene photos he'd leaked, Tosh had just found out she was pregnant, and Galbraith, Lyn Harrison, and Eamon Gauldie's killers had been found out.

However, there really wasn't much time for Jimmy to celebrate; he'd missed a call from the Procurator Fiscal whilst out on the job. She'd tried to contact him about the letter Donna Killick had asked Duncan Hunter to post to her lawyer.

Duncan mistakenly thought this was just Donna's last will and testament. As it turned out, Donna had actually sent a sworn affidavit that claimed if she died, it was because Duncan had coerced her into taking her own life and he was personally responsible. What's more, it also said that Jimmy was aware of what was going on, but he was just covering it up for his close friend.

Jimmy told Duncan what had happened, but was adamant the two of them should fight it, even if there was a risk to both their careers. However, Duncan wasn't willing to drag Jimmy down with him. He asked Carrie to return to Shetland, take over the wine bar, and handed himself in for Donna's death, swearing that Jimmy knew nothing about it. What's worse, the Procurator Fiscal had ordered a full investigation into Donna's death, leaving a visiting DS to place Jimmy under arrest for his potential involvement!

Although fans were full of praise for the latest season, viewers simply couldn't believe that DI Jimmy Perez was being arrested after all he'd been through. Almost as soon as the episode ended, loads of viewers headed straight to social media to share their shock at the series' conclusion.

With Jimmy Perez in custody, what's going to happen to our favorite detective? Is Duncan going to remain in prison for Donna Killick's death? Or will they manage to put a stop to Donna's plans? 

We'll have for Shetland's return in 2022 to find out...

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