The Rebel star Simon Callow: 'I've only seen Four Weddings once!'

The Rebel , Simon Callow

Simon Callow returns to our screens in new GOLD comedy The Rebel, but he was more than happy to take a trip down memory lane and talk about his most famous film, Four Weddings and a Funeral

Simon Callow became globally famous when Four Weddings and a Funeral was released in 1994, but the renowned actor revealed he’s only ever watched the landmark British comedy once!

“I still get asked about Four Weddings every day,” he told What's on TV. “From 30 years old to the grave, everybody knows it and seems to watch it about twice a year. I’ve only seen it once!”

Callow, who stars in new GOLD comedy The Rebel on Wednesday, July 20, revealed how the film’s global success took him by surprise.

“I always assumed it would be a hit in Britain, but I was shocked when it became a hit in countries like Japan. It seemed to touch a nerve, especially in America, as it was their idea of us.

“I remember being in Paris when it was out in cinemas and the queues were round the block. Of course no one was famous then, it was the beginning of their fame, Hugh Grant, John Hannah, Kristen Scott Thomas…”

Simon’s character in the film was the life and soul of the party, yet died of a heart attack after dancing the Brigadoon at a Scottish wedding.

“That Scottish dance in Four Weddings and a Funeral nearly killed me for real!” he explained. “Doing that three times in a row was so tough, keeling over was the easy bit!”


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