Singing In The Rainforest's Charlie Simpson 'My electric guitar bemused the tribe!' (VIDEO)

Former Busted singer Charlie Simpson is heading to Namibia to write a song with one of the planet's oldest tribes in this week's episode of Singing in the Rainforest.

Charlie will be spending 10 days with the San Bushmen in one of the most remote parts of Southern Africa before writing and performing a song with them.

As the tribe are almost completely cut off from the modern world it's no surprsie they hadn't heard of Charlie or Busted, but they welcomed him with open arms and showed the star they know a thing or two about music themselves...

Yet what really fascinated the villagers was the range of equipment Charlie brought along with him, as you can see in the video.

'They hadn't really heard Western music before and they'd never seen an electric guitar before,' Charlie told us. 'They were like: "What the hell is that?" which is an amazing thing to see. The leader of the tribe had a go and he was a bit bemused by what it was, but it was incredible to see their reaction.'

Charlie Simpson's episode of Singing in the Rainforest airs on WATCH on Monday 28th September

Sean Marland
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