Strictly viewers delighted as they spot Call the Midwife LEGEND in the audience!

2018 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special
(Image credit: BBC)

Did you see him?

It was Musical's week on Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday night, but the theatrical songs and dances weren't the only things that caught viewers eyes during last night's episode.

As the show began, eagle-eyed viewers at home spotted one very popular member of the Call the Midwife cast sat in the front row of the audience, right behind Tess Daly.

And it was none other than Stephen McGann - who plays the loveable and kind-hearted Dr Turner in the popular BBC programme!

Fans of the show immediately took to social media to share what they'd seen. One viewer wasn't entirely sure, writing, "Trying to work out if I spotted @StephenMcGann in the #strictly audience tonight".

But others were certain, revealing that they were super excited to see the Call the Midwife legend taking in Musicals week.

One said, "I can see Dr Turner from @CallTheMidwife1 sitting in the front row, absolutely delighted. 🌟🎉🎶 #Strictly @StephenMcGann".

While another commented excitedly, "Oh my god!!! Dr Turner is in the audience!!!! #CallTheMidwife #Strictly".

And a third fan wrote, "@StephenMcGann absolutely loving life in the front row at #Strictly is absolutely how I would be if I was there!"

But Stephen wasn't alone at the show. Fans also spotted Call the Midwife creator, and Stephen's wife, Heidi Thomas, sat right beside him. One viewer said, "Hands up if you got wayyyy too excited to see Heidi and @StephenMcGann on #strictly 😂".

In fact, Stephen's appearance on Strictly actually prompted some fans to question whether it was his time to finally take part in the show as a contestant - following in the path of his co-star, Helen George, who plays Nurse Trixie.

One fan said on Twitter, "Dr Turner in the audience, surely he’s due a turn on #Strictly next year? 🤔@StephenMcGann or someone from #callthemidwife again soon! 🤞🏻@bbcstrictly @BBCOne".

So could we see Stephen on the show next year? Well, the popular actor does have some experience, having taken part in the Strictly Come Dancing Call the Midwife special in 2015.

He danced with former winner Joanne Clifton, but admitted that his experience on the dance floor only left him "terrified" of the show.

On an episode of Sunday Brunch recently, he spoke to former contestant Simon Rimmer, and said, "I did the Strictly charity thing, and I am terrified as a result."

"I've got respect for Strictly. But Simon is basically a God.  He's not like a normal human now. He's just like a Buzz Lightyear-type of God!"

Reflecting on his Strictly charity special, he said, "When I finished, everybody said to me, 'Would you like to do the whole thing?'. I was like, 'Nope.' I would do a terrible dance, and then you've got to go back in the following Monday and do it all again.

"I think it would break me."

We're still keeping our fingers crossed...

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