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The Chase fans slam family team for taking the lower offer twice

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

Fans were not impressed by the Holt family...

The Chase fans were frustrated during Sunday's episode of the ITV game show.

A special version of the show called The Family Chase has been airing to keep the nation entertained.

Last night, the Holt family appeared on the show to try and take home some money.

The Chase

The Holts on Sunday's episode of The Family Chase. (Picture: ITV)

Their team was made up of mum Helen, dad Kev, daughter Lauren and son Conor.

They were up against Chaser Anne "The Governess" Hegerty, with Lauren the first to face her.

Lauren managed to add £3,000 to the family's prize fund, but dad Kevin was eliminated after playing for £5,000.

Helen and Conor made it back, but they both opted for lower offers of £1,000.

Viewers weren't impressed with this decision, with some taking to Twitter to share their frustrations.

It seems many fans were unimpressed with the family's quizzing strategy.

One wrote, "Two low offers, the family will be playing the final for five grand between four of them. They should have just gone on Pointless, twice #TheChase"

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Another said, "Why bother going on if your all too scared to take on the chaser #thechase"

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And a third added, "This family are painful to watch.. #TheChase"

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Unfortunately for the Holts, Anne was on top form and managed to beat them in the Final Chase.

The family only managed 13 steps in the final round, with three of those awarded because three team members made it back.

But they didn't go home empty handed, as Family Chase players win mugs shaped like the Chasers' heads.

So at least that's something, right?

The Family Chase airs at 7pm on Sundays. The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm.