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The Chase star Mark Labbett divides viewers after admitting he’d take the minus offer

The Chase Mark Labbett aka The Beast

The minus offer is a controversial topic…

The Chase fans are divided when it comes to the minus offer, but it seems Chaser Mark “The Beast” Labbett is open to the idea.

After contestant Lynn’s brilliant performance yesterday, making it through with £35,000, she advised her fourth and final teammate Ian to take the painful low offer of -£5,000.

She told Ian, “Don't do the £65,000. £6,000, absolutely amazing, but the -£5,000, come back here. Definitely come back here, I can't do it on my own."

Viewers were surprised when Mark defended this decision, saying, “This girl understands this game. £15,000 versus £20,500. If you put that on the board, you wouldn't think twice."

He added, “You do get a group of people at watching home who say 'I'd never take the low offer, I'd never take a minus offer.

"Give me a Bible and I'll happily swear on it, I would take the minus offer in the right circumstances."

A clip of this decision was shared to The Chase’s official Twitter account, writing, “Ian makes a difficult but great strategic decision and listens to Lynn's advice, taking the minus offer. £30,000 is still a fantastic amount of money to walk away with! Good luck, Ian! #TheChase”

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One fan supported Ian’s decision, writing, “If someone had said beforehand that me and another player would walk away with £15,000 each, I’d have bitten their hand off. Ian going low was the right thing to do. It’s a team/tactical game, it isn’t about any one player.#TheChase”

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Another added, “Well done team... worth taking the minus #thechase”

And a third agreed, saying, “Ian that could be a masterstroke decision 15k each is still bloody good money #thechase"

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However, one fan wasn't convinced, writing, “Mate, that could have been £100,000! Silly choice to go for the minis #thechase”

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And another simply said, “He should have stuck to what he earned! #silly #TheChase”

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In the end Ian’s decision paid off, and the team walked away with £15,000 each after The Beast failed to match their score of 16 in time.

Would you ever take the minus offer?