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The Chase viewers shocked as 'lucky' contestant wins £50k

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

The Sinnerman was shocked by one performance...

The Chase star Paul Sinha was shocked when one player earned £50k despite not knowing any answers.

On Wednesday's episode of the ITV game show, Ryan stunned The Sinnerman and viewers at home with his strategy.

Ryan only scored £2,000 in the Cash Builder round, but went for a very impressive high offer of £50,000.

It's rare that contestants choose the high offer, so it's always interesting to see how they perform!

In Ryan's case, he somehow managed to breeze through the game on guesses.

When Ryan returned to the team with £50,000, Paul Sinha joked he had "no idea what happened."

Paul later quipped, "He breezed through some very difficult questions - I don't know what to expect. I think you might be playing a game Ryan!"

But host Bradley Walsh was convinced he wasn't bluffing and joked he should buy a lottery ticket.

Fans were equally as stunned, with many taking to Twitter to comment on Ryan's performance.

One wrote, "Ryan needs to pick the lottery numbers for tomorrow night, his luck is insane #TheChase"

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Another added, "Haha class from Ryan on #TheChase. Absolutely fluked his way to 50 grand."

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A third was confused, writing, "Is Ryan lucky or is he really clever....I hope he is both, I really want them to win #TheChase"

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And a fourth added, "Just wing it and take home £50k. Great job Ryan. #TheChase"

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Despite Ryan's impressive performance in the main game, the Final Chase wasn't as easy.

Ryan and Richard only scored 14 steps in the final round, and The Sinnerman caught them with 47 seconds to spare.

After his victory, he joked, "So we do know now that Ryan wasn't bluffing and he isn't the world's greatest quizzer!"

Bad luck guys!

The Chase continues on ITV1 at 5pm.