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A sneak peek of Season 5 of 'The Expanse' shows Naomi leaving ... again

If you ask him about it, James Holden can fix anything. Ask his partner Naomi Nagata, though, and even Holden has his limitations. And one of those is going to come to pass in Season 5 of The Expanse, which premieres Dec. 16 on Amazon Prime Video.

In a newly released clip from the upcoming season, we see Naomi tell Holden that she knows where her son is. (We know, too, because we saw at the end of Season 4.) He's been with Marco Inaros, the Big Bad freedom fighter/terrorist who's going to play a major part of Season 5.

Noami has tracked Filip to Palas Station, and she's chartered a freighter to take her there. The Roscinante — and Holden — isn't invited to this family reunion. 

It's obvious Holden wants to help. He has to help. It's what he does. But Naomi doesn't want him anywhere near this, not with the OPA and the UN both gunning for Inaros. And not with the state of interplanetary politics the way they are.

Naomi doesn't mince words. "You can't help me with this. I don't want you to."

It's not the first time we've seen Naomi separate herself from the Roscinante and crew. Season 3 had her working with the OPA and Drummer on the Behemoth, before everyone entered the ring space and all hell broke loose.

All four previous seasons — as well as the upcoming season — of The Expanse can be found on Amazon Prime Video and can be watched for free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Phil Nickinson
Phil Nickinson

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