The Ready Room takes a deep-dive into Star Trek Discovery's season finale

If you only tune into The Ready Room once, now's the time if you can't wait to talk about the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery.

The Ready Room is the official behind-the-scenes show Star Trek companion show. Now in its fourth season, this aftershow discusses everything from the latest episode and discusses what happens with actors and creatives from all the latest Star Trek shows. 

This week, Sonequa Martin-Green (Commander Michael Burnham), Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner Michelle Paradise and the finale’s Director Olatunde Osunsanmi all join Wil Wheaton in The Ready Room to talk about what's next for Discovery in season 4.

Naturally, you should avoid this episode at all costs if you’ve yet to watch the season finale as Wheaton doesn't wait to get his teeth straight into the show. Questions about the finale are thrown at his trio of guests on The Ready Room from the off, so again, do be aware that there are spoilers ahead. 

In this episode, they get emotional about the show’s ending, reflect on how Commander Michael has progressed through Starfleet across each season to her place in the Captain’s chair and what’s going to happen next for the newly expanded Federation. They also talk about Saru and Su’kal and that entire emotional thread that ran throughout the third season.

They also talk about the wider meaning behind having Sonequa in the captain’s chair and how fun it has been to explore how time travel affects everyone. There’s even a very brief tease of just where Star Trek: Discovery goes from here from Michelle Paradise, but it's a suitably vague answer.

With a shuffle in leadership and new enemies ahead, there’s so much ahead for season four of Star Trek: Discovery. With the final behind the scenes clip, Wheaton promises that he will see viewers again for another season four of The Ready Room, too!

If you missed it, we reviewed the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, and you can read our review here.

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