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Vizio's first OLED televisions are now available at Best Buy

Vizio's first OLED televisions are now available for purchase at Best Buy. (Image credit:

Vizio's first OLED television sets — which we first took a look at back at CES 2020 almost 200 years ago in the Beforetimes — are now available at Best Buy. And they're already seeing a slight discount.

The big deal here is that Vizio TVs tend to compete with the top-shelf models of other brands while landing with a lower price. And that's the case here, too, with the 55-inch model (opens in new tab) starting at $1,299, and the 65-incher at $1,999 (opens in new tab). Only, they're already discounted by $100. So that's $1,199 and $1,899.

And the big deal about OLED versus other technologies? Every individual pixel and be turned completely off, which means darks are darker and brights are brighter. Colors pop more. OLED is, in a word, better. (It also supports all the major HDR standards — Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, and HDR10+.)

“VIZIO’s OLED TVs have been one of its most highly anticipated releases this year. We are incredibly excited for our users to experience their home theater setup with our stunning OLED TV”  Laynie Newsome, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at VIZIO, said in a press release. “Our approach to creating our new VIZIO OLED TVs started with OLED’s perfect contrast driven by our newest and best performing Ultra IQ processors which deliver bright and colorful scenes in Dolby Vision HDR, 4K@120 fps, VRR, coupled with our award winning SmartCast platform all wrapped within a premium 4mm bezel-free design which delivers the perfect combination of brains and beauty.”

Vizio's OLED sets are nearly bezel-less, and they're designed to work perfectly with Vizio's new Atmos-enabled soundbar (available later this year), which has rotating drivers that fire off vertically when needed, and horizontally when using a lesser standard.

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