Vizio 2021 OLED TV price, specs and sizes

The Vizio OLED TV at CES 2020

Source: CordCutters The Vizio OLED displays marry perfectly with the new Elevate soundbar. Both will be available later this fall. (Image credit: CordCutters)

The 2020 lineup of Vizio TVs and soundbars has a lot to be excited about. Start with the company's first OLED sets, and round it all out with a revamped lineup of soundbars — including a new high-end Dolby Atmos offering. Indeed, we were intrigued .

The only thing that was missing from the showcase in Las Vegas in January? Any sort of pricing. Today, that gets answered.

Vizio's first OLED displays come in at $1,299 for the 55-inch model, and $1,999 for the 65-incher.

That's right about where you'd expect from the company that's known for bringing quality displays at prices that often undercut the competition just enough to get the deal done. (By comparison, the current-ten LG C9 OLD TV runs $1,499 and $2,199 for the same size options.

The big deal about OLED televisions versus less-expensive LCD displays has to do with the technology. LCD displays use backlights in what are called "local dimming zones" and don't get as dark as OLED, which can completely turn off individual pixels. So instead of merely "dark," you get true blacks from OLED. And the H1 is Vizio's first OLED model.

That's not to say there aren't new LCD's worth looking at, and that they're not impressive in their own right. Because there are, and they are.

At the top of that heap is the Vizio P-Series Quantum X. It ranges from $1,499 for 65 inches to $2,999 at 85 inches. Take a step down in the P-Series lineup and you'll get a 65-inch P-Series Quantum for $1,199, and 75 inches at $1,699. Below that is the M-Series, which runs from $399 for 50 inches, up to $749 for 65 inches.

The P-Series sets and OLED displays all take advantage of the new IQ Active processor and have a max refresh rate of 120Hz.

And on the lower end of things, the Vizio V-Series ranges from 40 inches at at $229 up to 75 inches at $799.

Vizio Elevate soundbar

Source: CordCutters The Vizio Elevate soundbar has Dolby Atmos, speakers that rotate — and a $999 price tag. (Image credit: CordCutters)

On the audio side of things, It's all about the new Elevate soundbar. It's got support for Dolby Atmos and does things in an intriguing way. When you're playing content that has those three-dimensional objects encoded in the audio stream, speakers on the end of the soundbar will rotate to fire skyward. When you're watching something that doesn't use Atmos, they point back toward the front. The whole setup is a 5.1.4 system with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer. And it doesn't come cheap — retailing at $999.

Source: CordCutters

Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)

Elsewhere, the newly rebranded and redesigned M-Series soundbar starts things out on the low end with a 2.1 system for $149, and no wireless sub, available on July 26. The new V-Series soundbars come in two flavors — a 2.1 setup with 5-inch wireless sub for $179 — available now — and a 5.1 system with 5-inch wireless sub for $249, available on July 5.

The new OLED TVs and Elevate soundbar will be available this fall, alongside the 75-inch V-Series and 85-inch P-Series. Look for everything else starting today at retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, Target and Walmart.

VIZIO's V21 sound bar is available now at $179.99 while the V51 will arrive July 5, 2020 at $249.99. The M-Series All-in-One 2.1 Sound bar will be available for $149.99 starting on July 26.

In addition to the new sets and soundbars, Vizio also is rolling out a newer, faster version of its built-in SmartCast software, and is shipping new remote controls.

Vizio 2021 TV retail prices

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Series Screen Size Price
OLED 65 inches $1,999
OLED 55 inches $1,299
P-Quantum X 85 inches $2,999
P-Quantum X 75 inches $1,999
P-Quantum X 65 inches $1,499
P-Series 75 inches $1,699
P-Series 65 inches $1,199
M-Series Q8 65 inches $749
M-Series Q8 55 inches $699
M-Series Q7 65 inches $699
M-Series Q7 55 inches $499
M-Series Q7 50 inches $399
V-Series 75 inches $799
V-Series 70 inches $659
V-Series 65 inches $469
V-Series 60 inches $399
V-Series 58 inches $349
V-Series 55 inches $339
V-Series 50 inches $299
V-Series 43 inches $279
V-Series 40 inches $229

Vizio 2021 soundbar retail prices

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Series Configuration Subwoofer Price
Elevate 5.1.4 8-inch wireless $999
V51 5.1 5-inch wireless $249
V21 2.1 5-inch wireless $179
M-Series 2.1 Built-in $149