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War and Peace baffled Twitter (but people loved the costumes)

People were putting a lot of pressure on BBC’s new period drama – an adaptation of War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy’s story of love and loss set during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.

If this is no good I will be so upset I shall hibernate until 2017. #WarAndPeace

— John Franklin (@JontyFulminates) January 3, 2016


Some of Twitter seemed pretty pleased with how the adaptation, starring Downton Abbey’s Lily James and also James Norton and Paul Dano (among a whole lot of other big names), was turning out.

Capturing the spirit of the book very well so far #WarAndPeace @BBCOne

— Sarah Blake (@SCEBelle) January 3, 2016


But then others were a tad annoyed about the accents going on.

The lack of Russian accents is annoying me already #WarAndPeace

— Stuart (@StuartJOrr) January 3, 2016


Paul Dano has a wonderful english accent in #WarAndPeace – why a russian character needs one is yet to be seen though..

— Abi Stewart (@abikinss) January 3, 2016


And another very common theme of tweets was, well, complete confusion.

Confused already #WarAndPeace

— Jenny Watson (@JenferMacey) January 3, 2016


"Which character is this?" Everyone, five minutes into #WarAndPeace.

— Natalie Lealand (@natalielealand) January 3, 2016


I know sad things are happening, I just don't know what, or why. #WarAndPeace #confused

— Jo Challacombe (@JoChallacombe) January 3, 2016


I'm never going to work out who anyone is am I? #WarAndPeace

— Caroline Gilmour (@lemondrizzle) January 3, 2016


Oh no, already confused about who is related to whom #WarandPeace

— ritula shah (@ritula) January 3, 2016


The problem is the book is very, very, very long. Hardly anyone’s finished the thousands upon thousands of pages.

We are about to start watching War and Peace. I AM SO EXCITED. I am also probably the only person who can give you spoilers.

— Sophie Green (@Phwoffy) January 3, 2016


But then the hot topic wasn’t what was actually going on anyway, it was the clothes.

I'm already drowning in sumptuous silks and organza. #WarAndPeace

— Rebekah Jenkins (@RebekahBooks) January 3, 2016


Loving the costumes #WarAndPeace

— Amanda Perry (@swirlymurphy) January 3, 2016


First thoughts on War and Peace. I want all of the clothes. Well, all of the gowns

— Sian M (@Alwaysredvelvet) January 3, 2016


Without a doubt, the Long 18th century produced the most beautiful clothes in history. Ain't it true @Hannah_Greig? #WarAndPeace

— Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner) January 3, 2016


Men’s clothes too…

Puffles (*wants*) Prince Boris's blue and purple cloak #WarAndPeace Men's outfits making contemporary mens formalwear look bland

— The Dragon Fairy (@Puffles2010) January 3, 2016


I need more outfits with braided gold cord hanging from the shoulders

— Matthew Heron (@mattyheron) January 3, 2016


Me for the next 6 weeks Sales assistant: can i help you find anything? Me: SHOW ME EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN TURQUOISE VELVET #WarAndPeace

— Matthew Heron (@mattyheron) January 3, 2016


There was A LOT of talk about hats.

The hat budget alone… #WarAndPeace

— Lisa Holdsworth (@WorksWithWords) January 3, 2016


The top hat doesn't work, it just doesn't. :-( #WarAndPeace

— Marika Cobbold (@Marikacobbold) January 3, 2016


Some epic hat game in #WarAndPeace

— Rosh (@roshETC) January 3, 2016



The most interesting thing so far is the flamboyant array of hats. #WarAndPeace #bbc

— Karina Bamber (@neeneeb) January 3, 2016


Let’s not forget the coats.

A lot of fantastic coats to be seen on #WarAndPeace #highfashion

— Amy Rose (@amystjohnston) January 3, 2016


Or the plaits.

What I'm mainly taking away from #WarAndPeace is PLAITS. And that I'll be in love with the brooding fella with the hair & uniform this year

— Ghost of Gins Past (@ginandcrumpets) January 3, 2016


A lot of Twitter was loving Gillian Anderson’s attire.

is anyone watching war and peace right now because gillian anderson's outfit has literally changed my life

— liz (@baeratheon) January 3, 2016


And just her in general really.

Watching #WarandPeace ❤️Gillian❤️

— Bels of Hels (@X_BadBlood_x) January 3, 2016


It’s true not everyone was a fan of the wardrobe department’s work though.

I would like to say something positive about the costumes, but I can't. #WarAndPeace

— Erika Lindblom (@MlleLindblom) January 3, 2016


#WarandPeace Actress is wearing a dress that has only one shoulder strap. I think not.

— Stephen Barker (@Stephen25367746) January 3, 2016


Gillian Anderson in an off-the shoulder dress

(BBC/Mitch Jenkins)


And the costumes just got too much for some of the characters at times.

Help! Brian Cox is being swallowed by his costume. #WarAndPeace

— R L Giddings (@RLGiddings) January 3, 2016


Everyone started wondering when the, you know, war stuff would happen.

So we're in the war bit now, I guess. #WarAndPeace

— Sarah Shaffi (@sarahmedway) January 3, 2016


But then even with the war going on our screens, some people could still only talk about the clothes.


— Miss L (@ProResting) January 3, 2016


Oh, and then some weird stuff went down.

wait they're brother and sister?? #WarAndPeace

— laura. (@_tragiceyes) January 3, 2016


Oh a bit of incest #WarAndPeace

— Liz (@lizzyfa) January 3, 2016


I'm mostly happy with this adaptation of #WarAndPeace but WHY did they add this incest storyline??

— CONtent ARTIST (@TechCommutopia) January 3, 2016


Which meant everyone started comparing it to Game Of Thrones, of course.

Oh hello – the Kuragins meet the Targaryens. #WarAndPeace

— Neil Fisher (@nfmusic) January 3, 2016


#WarAndPeace has suddenly turned into Game of Thrones #Awkward

— Carly (@CarlyBunst) January 3, 2016


But a battle scene involving a horse was when it all really got too much for some Tweeters.

Tbh I could take the incest and the bad accents, but not the horse dying #WarAndPeace

— Abi Stewart (@abikinss) January 3, 2016


I don't care about the Russians but DON'T SHOOT THE HORSES! #WarAndPeace

— There She Rides (@ThereSheRides) January 3, 2016


NO not the horse #WarAndPeace @BBCOne

— Sarah Blake (@SCEBelle) January 3, 2016


The question is though: will people stick with it?

I wonder if this series will go on for as long as the book? About 7 years if that's the case. #WarAndPeace

— Tom Allen (@Tom_Allen93) January 3, 2016