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Zoe Wanamaker on reuniting with ‘hunk’ Harry Potter co-star Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom

Zoe Wanamaker on reuniting with ‘hunk’ Harry Potter co-star Matthew Lewis

Zoe Wanamaker on being reunited on screen with Harry Potter co-star

Zoe Wanamaker has said it was a “shock” to see that her former Harry Potter co-star Matthew Lewis had turned into a “gorgeous hunk” when they reunited for a new TV programme.

Zoe plays Gail in Kay Mellor’s new drama series Girlfriends, and Lewis appears as her troublesome son Tom.

The pair both starred in the magical franchise’s first film Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone in 2001, with Zoe Wanamaker starring as teacher Madam Hooch and Lewis as the clumsy young wizard Neville Longbottom.

Zoe Wanamaker and Matthew Lewis

Zoe Wanamaker and Matthew Lewis (PA)


Over 15 years later, the actress has shared her surprise in working with Lewis again and how his appearance has changed.

Zoe said: “I haven’t seen Matthew since he was in Harry Potter, so it was a shock when I saw him.

“This gorgeous hunk.”

She added, referring to how he looked as a youngster: “And this little round face, with ears like that. It was hysterical.”

In recent years, 28-year-old Lewis has wowed fans after losing weight and toning up, meaning he looks a world away from his chubby Harry Potter alter-ego.


Matthew Lewis and Zoe Wanamaker in Girlfriends (ITV/Rollem)


Girlfriends follows the lives of three women over the age of 50, with Wanamaker as Gail and Phyllis Logan and Miranda Richardson as her lifelong friends Linda and Sue.

Zoe, who is also known for starring in sitcom My Family, said the new programme is a big change from that.

She said: “This is different. This is a different kind of writing. My Family, for instance, is a sitcom. I always used to think it was called ‘sitting down comedy’.

“It’s always about the script; you’re always looking for something that’s different and interesting, so this has got a completely different rhythm to other stuff.”

She said that Girlfriends appealed to her because of how it champions the three female leads.

“That’s always interesting because they’re completely, like all of us, individual characters with individual storylines, and bringing those life crises,” she said.

“Everybody is in their crisis when we meet them, and that’s fascinating.”

Girlfriends airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.