'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous' Season 3 Review: Who says you can't go home?

Camp Cretaceous returns with strong nostalgia vibes and terrifying new threats.

Brooklynn and Kenji aren't happy with whatever they're looking at in Camp Cretaceous.
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What to Watch Verdict

Season 3 of Camp Cretaceous is a gorgeous, spooky, nostalgic thrill ride that's a blast for all ages.


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    🦕The way these kids have grown!

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    🦕The stakes are higher than ever before.

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    🦕Dinosaurs and landscapes look as gorgeous as ever.

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    🦕Bumpy? Bumpy.


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    🦕There's some unnecessary drama between Darius and Kenji that I could live without.

This post contains mild spoilers for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.
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If you're still missing Isla Nublar after Jurassic World blew her up, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is always a viable option to go back and visit the best dinosaur home there is. After delivering two great seasons, it's easy to look at Season 3 and wonder how it could possibly live up to the standards that the series has created so far. The kids survived the insanity of the park falling apart (in tandem with the first Jurassic World), then had to deal with dinosaur poachers in Season 2. So what could Season 3 possibly bring to the table that we haven't seen before? The answer to that question is bigger than you know, but it's also a big old spoiler, so you'll have to wait and see on the unknown factor. However, it's the park that we know that shines the brightest in this new season of Camp Cretaceous. Nostalgia has been an important factor in this franchise since the first Jurassic World film, but Season 3 of Camp Cretaceous really manages to nail it in a way that a film simply doesn't have the time for.

Even better? All these kids have really grown. They've all still got their quirks and find themselves in the off squabble — they are teens, after all — but the silly inexperienced mistakes of past seasons are gone. In their place are five survivors that may still be constantly fighting for their lives, but they're a lot better at it than they were before. Kenji (Ryan Potter) has learned to take responsibility to help lighten the load of his peers; Yaz (Kausar Mohammed) has learned how to be positive when she absolutely needs to be; Darius (Paul-Mikél Williams) and Brookylnn (Jenna Ortega) have both learned to listen a little better; and Ben (Sean Giambrone) is learning to trust again after being forced to go all wild thing between Seasons 1 and 2. Their relationships with one another have never been stronger. Of course, that also means that it hurts a little bit more when they're threatened.

The dinosaurs are as exceptional as ever. My critique that the kids look like they're copied and pasted into a show with incredible landscapes and impeccable dinosaurs still stands, but the dino animation truly does get more impressive with each passing year. Our girl Blue finally gets a moment to shine after being used in marketing material for the first two seasons but never really coming into play. It gives us a nice reminder of what recently was while still giving the opportunity to hop between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World playgrounds.

Season 3 is without a doubt the spookiest season Netflix has brought to the table for Camp Cretaceous. I'm a seasoned horror fan and there was a moment early on that made me physically jump. But don't worry, moms! Things don't get too heavy for the younger crowd, they just turn up the scare factor on the island as the stakes continue to grow for the campers. 

Though I'm not allowed to confirm or deny the introduction of new human characters, I will say that I was quite sad that Season 2's Hap (Angus Sampson) didn't make a triumphant return. I was certain his death in the last chapter was a misdirect and we'd be seeing him later on. He and Brookylnn's relationship had a nice dynamic, and it's a shame we didn't get to see that grow. What I will say is that we're getting to the point where these kids really don't need the help of any adults. Which is good, because Roxy (Jameela Jamil) and Dave (Glen Powell) left them on the island six months ago and still haven't done anything to rescue them. 

Season 3 gives as an unexpected kind of ending. It was certainly time for it, but it's sad to see the chapter close all the same. But, don't worry if you get to the last episode and feel the dread of finality — there's no way Netflix and the Jurassic World franchise are going to let this one sit on the sidelines. Camp Cretaceous continues to serve a demographic that the films still might be too scary for, and it does so in a fun enough way that it keeps all kinds of viewers tuning in. Nothing's officially confirmed, but I'd be surprised if we don't hear a Season 4 announcement shortly after Season 3 premieres on May 21st. 

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