Aiysha Hart: ‘Expect betrayal, lies and disloyalty in Atlantis!’

Aiysha Hart reveals star-crossed lovers Ariadne and Jason are headed for heartbreak in the new series of Atlantis.

Aiysha, who plays young queen Ariadne in the adventure series about doomed mythical city Atlantis, said: “Jason has Ariadne’s heart - but their relationship isn’t as simplistic as it was last year. She has to think about her position as queen and what it means for her city.

“It’s like she must choose between the two loves of her life - her people and Jason.”

But as fans know, a mysterious stranger has arrived in Atlantis and turned her head.

In Saturday's episode Ariadne was formally crowned queen of Atlantis and the city’s residents were eager to celebrate her coronation. But with evil Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) still on the run, Ariadne realised the city remained vulnerable and needed strong allies.

With this in mind it was vital Atlantis did well in Ariadne’s Coronation Games so she reluctantly selected love-interest Jason (Jack Donnelly) to represent her in the tournament against Greece’s greatest warriors.

Ariadne soon had another difficult decision to make, with the arrival of handsome Prince Telemon. He’d come to fight in the tournament and also had a proposal for the young queen – marry him and align Atlantis with the might of his father’s kingdom Aegina!

While Ariadne wrestled with Telemon’s proposal, heartbroken Jason learned Ariadne was falling for the mystery man. Jason’s pal Pythagoras, however, suspected Telemon (Viking star Clive Standen) was not all he claimed to be…

Aiysha explains: “Every episode reveals a new side to Ariadne. She’s very proactive because she has a lot of responsibility. She’s come onto the throne with a war going on in the background, which means she has some hard decisions to make...

“Her relationship with Jason is complex. Expect betrayal, lies and disloyalty!”

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